Dash-Hound HD - Martel Video's Police Dash Video Camera System

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Police car camera guarantee

The Most Affordable Police Dash Camera System in the World!
Police Dash Cam System HD

The Dash-Hound HD is the world's smallest police in-car camera system. The dash dam can record in full HD! This camera system is totally self contained and you can install it yourself, save your department hundreds of dollars.  This may have a revolutionary low price, but it also has allot of features.


  • Records in 720P or 1080P HD
  • Includes 2.4Ghz Officer wireless microphone for recording outside the car
  • 1 Minute Pre-Alarm and 5 minutes post alarm
  • Wired Cable Light Bar Record Activation included 
  • GPS Geo Location mapping and speed
  • Officer's Wireless Microphone
  • Automatic switching between color and night vision 
  • 20 megapixel still photos with time/date, GPS location
  • No moving parts for reliability 
  • Automatic downloading cradle with organizing software 
  • Administration log notes for activations and deactivations during recordings 
  • Plugs directly into Cigarette plug or hardwired

A Police Dash Cam system with price and performance, now you can have it all.