Police Body Camera - Crime Cam

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POLICE BODY CAMERA - CRIME CAMPolice Car camera system No hidden charges for police departments guarantee critical information for police chiefs and law enforcement agencies

The CRIME CAM POLICE BODY CAMERA represents Martel's commitment to bring Elite video cameras to police departments.  The Crime Cam body camera records video in 1080P HD and shoots digital still photos that are 21 Megapixel.  If you are looking to pay monthly fees and software licenses, the Crime Body Worn Camera is not for you. 


Police body camera battery life 8 hours

We know your shifts sometimes could last 8 hours. So why wouldn't your police body worn camera work as hard as you do?  We even equipped the camera to have a vibration mode, so the officer knows its recording, but the suspects don't. We listen to what you want and engineer it into our video cameras.


Police body camera GPS video fleet manager software

For some time now, police agencies have been asking for pre-event recording for their body-worn cameras. If you accidentally turn off your camera, or an event was cut short, our system catches an additional 10 minutes after deactivation. (Optional) We felt this was a necessity.  We engineered it into the CRIME CAM along with a bonus of GPS Global Geo-Tagging and mapping. This extra allows you to prove in court where an incident happened, priceless.  Now you are capturing higher than 1080P HD video, along with GPS mapping. These 2 powerful features are only available on the CRIME CAM.


Police body worn camera with auto night vision

Adrenaline is pumping as you're chasing a criminal outside, then he goes into a dark house or bar, the CRIME CAM has you covered. If your body camera doesn't have night vision, you might as well go home after dusk, because your video will be useless in court. That's why we engineered automatic switching from color to Night Vision into the CRIME CAM.

New Small Extension camera links to the CRIME CAM and allows more concealment

Concealed police body camera head

This optional micro camera head plug into the crime cam and has an inconspicuous appearance. This is so you don't have to wear the Crime Cam on your vest, you can wear it on your belt.



Streamline your Police Camera operations with Automatic Hands-Free Uploading from the on-body camera to a PC or server

Here's how the CRIME CAMS' Automatic Video UPLOADING works:


Police body camera charging cradle and automated downloading software

When the officer returns from a shift, he places the body camera in its docking station for charging. The TRANSPORTER software recognizes the officer's ID on the camera and moves the video files along with the supervisor log notes directly to wherever you want the evidence stored. All uploading takes less than a minute. The videos have been removed from the body-worn camera automatically, and the unit is completely clean and ready to be used again.


Police body camera in hand

The Crime Cam has 2 types of recording indicators for the officer and citizens.  The first is the stealth vibration silent mode, where only the officer knows the unit is recording. The second is a mode by which the LED lights on the unit are on, and the unit will beep when activated, making citizens aware they are being filmed. These modes can be chosen, in the menu of the camera, along with the Officer ID and user settings.