DC3 - Martel's HD In Car Video System for Law Enforcement

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DC3 Digital Police in-car camera system has premium features.
Check out the NEW DC6 HD Police Car Camera system with Artificial Intelligence. 

Police Car camera system No hidden charges for police departments guarantee critical information for police chiefs and law enforcement agencies

It has every option you can imagine, from solid state construction to a Military Grade Touchscreen.  If you have been disappointed in the past , it's time to try a US manufactured police car camera system.  Martel systems have an average life span of 11.5 years.  

Automatic Hands Free Wireless Video Uploading

Durability. So Small It Fits in the Palm of Your Hands

In-Car Camera Premium Features: 

  • Touch Screen - Solid State                          
  • Wireless Video Transferring           
  • Drivers License Scanner
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless Microphone System
  • 300 Hours of Recording on SD Card
  • Radar on-screen integration
  • Case ID input - Event Tags , i.e. DUI, Wanted, Drugs, Warrant, 
  • Time Machine - Optional 2 Terabyte - 4169 Hours of recording
  • Made in the USA

Police Camera Systems Automatic Hands Free Wireless Uploading from the Police Car to the Police Station. 

Below shows how Police Camera Wireless Automatic Video Uploading works in the real world:

Automactic wifi video uploading from police car camera to police station via 802.11 Learn more about police in-car video uploading via 802.11 wifi network
My Review of Martel Police Car Camera Systems with Auto Wi-Fi Video Downloading products. Mike Marti City of Moore pd, Oklahoma has over 100 Martel in-car video cameras. 

The police cruiser with a DC3 system drives near the police station. The DC3 system automatically connects to a 802.11N wireless network that has been provided by Martel. The Police Car Camera system sends a password to the wireless receiver located in the police station. Indicator lights on your touch screen will tell you when a fully encrypted high speed connection is made. Red, for no connection.  Orange, for a weak connection, and Green for a strong connection.

The entire police car camera system is located in the Touchscreen

Police camera system specifications
Have you ever wondered why police dash cameras are so big and have so many parts? We did also, and that's why we designed our revolutionary in-car system using a small touchscreen. Being so small, it doesn't interfere with your rear view mirror, or take up space on your console. You can even mount the touchscreen on the ceiling. Less parts means more reliability.

Our Police in car Camera systems have an average Life span of 11.5 Years.  Martel has been in business for over 59 Years!
police car cameras information

We understand that your fiscal budgets are limited.  The average lifespan on a Martel police camera system is 11.5 years, and has the best return on investment and reliability in the industry. We've been building relationships with police departments for over 59 years now. Our In-car Video Camera Systems for Police & Law Enforcement are designed and manufactured in the United States, giving Americans good paying jobs. That is why a purchase from Martel is a superior investment for your police department and for the country.

Security & Beauty never looked so good in a Police Cruiser

Hugely Powerful, fits in the palm of your hand. Why can't you have it all? Cut from a Solid Piece of Aircraft Aluminum.  We decided long ago that if you invest in our police in car video systems you will not be getting a plastic Chinese unit meant for civilians and taxi cabs.


- High Temperature Tested    - Low Temperature Tested
- Drop Tested                         - Vibration Tested
- Humidity Tested                   - Altitude Tested
- Military Touchscreen            - Dust Tested

Cutting Edge Police Wireless Microphone

Over 20 years of engineering went into making our police wireless microphone the best in the world.  It has an industry leading distance of over 1500 Feet.  The most important feature of our wireless microphone is its high fidelity sound. The voice clarity is CD quality. It uses the 2.4Ghz frequencies and has 99 frequencies that it's hopping continuously.  The Martel police wireless microphone system is a 2 way transmitter, which means that the police cameras wireless microphone can activate record on the DC3 and the DC3 can automatically turn on the officers wireless microphone, ensuring audio at all times.

Police Wireless Microphone system

Military Grade Touchscreen/Glove Friendly

The world's most advanced Touchscreen system. The officer sees everything on the screen with intuitive buttons. There are no old fashioned buttons that can break or wear out due to usage.  

Radar interfacing with the DC3 in-car camera system 

Special Radar Speed Triggering allows the recorder to start recording automatically when the radar detects a violation. Departments can custom set the speed trigger.

Technical Specifications