12 Man Police Body Camera Package

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TURNKEY 12 officer Police Body Camera Package. 24 Terabyte Storage package Onsite computer and storage system.

This complete package is perfect for a department of 12 Officers or fewer. If you are the typical small police department this package is for you. Perfect for a police department that needs a turnkey onsite solution. Use your police body camera grant. Affordable and easy to make our system a great deal. Police departments will save thousands of dollars a year by onsite storage.

Law Enforcement body camera Package includes:

  • 12 Martel Crime Cam Body Cameras
  • It comes with Martel Exclusive Automatic downloading software that puts each officer's body camera photos and video into their folder. The entire docking and downloading process are automated and efficient. No more copying and pasting.
  • 12 mounting clips,
  • 12 Docking Ports with USB charger
  • Dell Computer
  • 21″ LCD monitor,
  • 24 Terabyte 4-Bay Network Attached Storage
  •  Remote Support and Telephone Support
  • 4 ways to charge the Crime Cam included, Car Charger, Wall Charger, Cradle Charger, and USB Camera
  • No Contracts, Software Fees, or storage fees.

Example: The 24 Terabyte of storage can hold approximately one 3 years’ worth of data based on a 120-day retention policy.
If you need more storage, you can add an additional 24 Terabyte storage drives which are NAS and local on-premises.
This package will save your police department thousands of online storage costs.