Police in-car Camera Purchase Orders Forms

Purchase Orders for Police Cameras. 

DC3 Police in-car camera order form

Police in-car camera order form

MDP6 HD Police Dash Cam order form 

Police Dash Cam purchase order form

Dash Hound HD Police Dash Camera order form

buy Police Dash Camera System Dash Hound

Crime Cam police body camera call for price!

Martel Crime Cam police body camera purchasing


Learn how to purchase/buy a police car camera for your police department.

It's simple, quick and easy to use our web interface. Since most police departments in the the U.S. buy from Martel Electronics we have streamlined the buying process. We are now on the GSA Advantage schedule for in-car video cameras and Body cameras for police departments. Below we have created custom purchase orders, that can be an easy way for you to get your police cameras ordered for your department.