Police Car Camera Automatic Wireless Video Uploading

Police in-car camera automatic hands free wireless uploading from the police car to the police station

Automactic wifi video uploading from police car camera to police station via 802.11

Auto Wireless In-Car Video Management System

For most police departments wireless video uploading/downloading it the only option to manage all their cars cameras videos. If your police department has over 5 in car cameras you will need to wireless move the videos from the car to a server. Managing dvd disc or memory cards sounds like a simple idea until car cameras need switching of memory cards at 3 am and theirs no supervisor who can change them. If you have bought a low priced police car camera and now are stuck managing memory cards we have the answer. All of the Martel DC7 Police in-car camera systems can be upgraded to automatic wireless video uploading at anytime.

Police in-car camera wifi video uploading software via wifi network

Here is how the Police Car Cameras Wireless Automatic Video uploading 802.11 works:

The Police car with a DC7 system in it, drives near the police station. The DC7 dash-camera system automatically connects to a 802.11N wireless network. The Police Car Camera Wifi system sends a password to the wireless receiver located in the police station.

When the password is received and the connection is secure the wireless receiver then tells the DC7 HD Wireless In-Car Camera System to begin the Wifi video transfer. Upon completing the videos transfer to the police stations server, the receiver then checks the integrity of the file and verifies all video has transferred successfully. 


  • Hands Free Wireless Download
  • Drive within 1000 feet and auto download begins
  • Limitless numbers of Police Cruisers can download
  • Ultra high speed outdoor weatherproof Download Access Point
  • No mobile Laptop or data unit or computer required in the vehicle