How to buy a police car camera system

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How to buy a police car camera system for your police department

There are 3 main features that every police chief or sheriff should be be aware of before buying a police car camera system.

  1. The in car camera system must have a touch screen monitor and the officer must be able to review the recordings in the car. The officer should not have access to the video but should be able to review it on scene. 
  2. The in-car video camera must record in a standard .mp4 video file so windows media player can play it. This will save you hours of time each year.
  3. The police car camera system should only be 2 pieces. The camera and the touchscreen. This simple design ensures reliability and durability. 

If you as a buyer of a police car camera system check all three boxes you will have purchased a great in-car camera system for your police department. 

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