Police In-Car video Camera used by the MilitaryAmericas leading Manufacturer of Police In-Car Cameras for Law Enforcement Agencies

Advanced Technology - Leading Research & Development

For over 33 years we have been America's leading manufacturer of police in-car cameras. Today we are delivering, "HD police dash cameras" to every state in the nation. Along with our cutting edge video cameras for law enforcement, we are also developing police dash camera systems capable of recognizing faces. We have invested millions of dollars into research and development in our specialized field of cameras in police cars. Our advanced camera technology has lead to breakthrough features:

Why Buy From us

  1.  We have been in business for over 59 Years
  2.  We have over 11,300 Government customers in the US
  3.  We design and manufacture our patrol cameras in the US


Martel Video is all about serving; our team is focused on serving our customers, which are our family. Since 1957 we have honed our ability to quickly and efficiently serve our customers, which ultimately enables us to make a superior product.

How to use a Police in-car Video Systems Tutorial